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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Here we go, everyone take their attitude adjustment tonic. The most important thing in our day is attitude, it’s everything. So, let’s play the hand we were dealt and make it as good as we can. I always have been a fun person and have looked for humor in almost every situation. While traveling to San Jose on7/31/09 fortunately I had the airlines provide an agent to wheel me to my gate in a wheelchair, I’m not on a cane or walker or wheelchair and can still walk but not that far, and both in Charlotte and San Jose, getting thru customs would have been a nightmare without it. We were met by representatives of THE INSTITUTE OF CELLULAR MEDICINE and transferred to THE CHRISTINA APTOHOTEL, about a 20 minute drive. Checked in, everything in order. The facility was perfect. Clean, convient and close to ICM headquarters and only 10 minutes by the transfer van to the hospital. That night Sarita and I enjoyed a wonderful Italian dinner at a restaurant located in the hotel. That by the way was my last glass of wine. The doctors suggest that you not drink alcohol for 6 months to help insure that the new cells will grow. Yes, I do miss an occasional glass of wine! After a good nights rest, we needed it, and hearty breakfast, it was off to the Headquarters of ICM to be interviewed and filmed about our personal MS story and what each the us expected from the treatment of the transplanted stem cells. One thing I don’t want to fail to mention is how humbling it was to meet so many other MS suffers’ that were so much worse off in their fight of this Crazy disease. Many on walkers and even one friend in a wheelchair. There were 11 others from Texas, Ohio, Tennessee, Colorado, California, Georgia, and several other states. Several were there with children with Autism. See you to morrow, I’m tired.

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