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Positive Reinforcement and Attitude Adjustment!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

" I feel good, I feel fine,I feel this way all the time." Ah, Attitude is all important. When I say that affirmation I can tell that my whole bank of symptoms become less focused on and my thoughts are switched over to ones of good feelings and it becomes less about me and more on things I can control, which are few, but it gives me choice. That alone is great for my physical and mental health. Time has passed quickly since my last post and I have to say that I have been busy, or at least I think I'm busy. It is like 3 months now since I received the SCT and I believe they are kicking in (that being the new Stem Cells) and relieving the major symptoms, like fatigue, numbness, bladder, sleep, tingling ,and strength. So,that is the good news for today. Let's see if I can keep getting positive feedback from my body and brain as we go forward. In good health, Roger