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Positive Reinforcement and Attitude Adjustment!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

my videos posted on YOU TUBE SCT treatment started on the 3rd. of August. It will have a new post tomorrow, that’s the plan. The best Nugget I can throw your way today is to be PRO ACTIVE in the management of your disease. Get some exercise everyday. It improves your ATTITUDE and also mobility and self-esteem. Get some fun in your life and chose to be around fun and funny people. Be aware to laugh at yourself. Because of our disease the goofy things like tripping, falling, forgetting, dropping stuff (you get the idea)NEED to be released and not be REACTIVE but rather being PRO ACTIVE TO WHAT EVER THE SITUATION IS. Remember,” THE SITUATION IS THE BOSS AND THE RESULTS ARE THE JUDGE”! SAY THAT OVER AND OVER IN YOUR MIND AND LET IT SINK IN, IT IS A NATUREAL LAW.

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