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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Med's. Are they working?

Everyday I take Baclofen, Gabapentin, Tramadol,Provigil,Warfarin, Pravastin, Zodipen,Low Dose Naltraxen. All over the course of the day. Has anyone on this blog experienced slowly weening themselves off any of these drugs? Some days I feel that I would be better off and more clear headed if I could reduce of eliminate all these poisons. Some people with full time jobs don't work as hard as I do medicating. lol

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Massage as a stress reliver.

Went to a new massage therapist this morning bright and early. I haven't indulged myself with this pleasurable experience for almost 2 years. My body, the muscles, joints and skin all feel so reinvigorated. Why I have deprived myself this relief  I don't know, just so frugal is my only excuse. For anyone that is reading , take my advice and treat yourself to this stress reducer at least 1 time per month. You will be glad you did. By the way it was only $70 for a hour. Insurance should cover but mine doesn't.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Success Cycle

You Can Sell Anything With This System
By Roger Cawiezell, CLU, CHFC
With an enviable track record in sales any beginner or continuing professional salesman would want to emulate, Roger Cawiezell has written The Success Cycle to muster in one book the formulas that make for endurance, psychological balance and continuing growth in one of the most competitive fields in business.
One of the best things that Cawiezell has done over the forty years as a professional in the insurance industry had been to help develop young salespeople become top performers and leaders in their communities. He has given back what he had been given: as a youth he had an excellent work ethic that blossomed under the guidance of adopted mentors. At a very early age, he intuitively knew what it took to be a successful entrepreneur. And he knows that mastery in the business of sales will benefit personal life as well. Issues on business etiquette and how morality makes for a stronger and resilient mindset in the ups and downs of the market are also discussed. The book comes with helpful models and diagrams that outline the major points and flows of Cawiezell’s business acumen. Learning and mastering the 10 areas of The Success Cycle put the author within the top 1% of sales people within two years of mastering it.

Cawiezell’s message in The Success Cycle is that with learning and mastering a proven system of sales and developing the “habits” of winning salespeople, one can literally make it to the top in any area of sales. From the mastery of financial, communication, and technical aspects of marketing, to the almost spiritual knack of establishing a quick and lasting bond with customers, Cawiezell gives this book his all as he has steadfastly done through his successful years in the field. thesuccesscycletoday.com

An absolute must read for those who desire a track to run on in business, Roger Cawiezell’s The Success Cycle will help you stay in the game and ultimately win it!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Success Cycle

Within a few hours of reading this book, the novice or veteran sales person will learn how to employ a sales system that will take them to the level of success enjoyed by Top Sales Professionals. The Success Cycle will reveal a proven system for sales success in any and every type of sales marketing. By learning and mastering each of the 10 areas of The Success Cycle, sales success can be literally guaranteed. This system is the key to long term sales success. Absolutely a must read for those who desire a track to run on. Cawiezell reveals how this system put him in the top 1% of sales people within 2 years of mastering it. Cawiezell’s philosophy, “The situation is the boss and the results are the judge”. “In order to win the game you have to be in the game”. The Success Cycle will keep you in the game so you can ultimately win the game! The reader will have a ready resource to refer to over and over again and will understand the 5 areas needed to grow success. These are all of the secrets of proven winners! This system teaches you how to get through the following curves: the knowledge curve, the skills curve, the confidence curve, the experience curve, and ultimately enjoy the success curve. thesuccesscycletoday.com

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Success Cycle

thesuccesscycletoday.com The Success Cycle was written to educate, guide and provide a proven track to run on for the novice and the veteran salesperson. Not only a good read for salespeople but also for the teacher, coach, politician, businessman and anyone who wants to be successful and is seeking a resource that is easy to understand and implement. Cawiezell explains The Knowledge Curve, The Skill Curve, The Experience Curve, The Confidence Curve , and ultimately The Success Curve. A must read for the rugged individualists, the person who wants to move mountains and make waves.