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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

9/22/09 I’m back, pretty busy day yesterday, 5 miles on the stationary bike at the YMCA, WAS DEAD TIRED AFTER BUT AM ALWAYS HAPPY THAT I MADE MY SELF DO IT. ONCE THE FATIGUE SUBSIDES I REALLY FEEL GOOD MENTALLY. Then onto Bible study last night till 9:00 PM. A little Monday Night Football and then finally gave up around the end of the first half. Congrat’s to the Colts and Payton Manning, good start at 2/0. On with my story and my Stem Cell Transplant in Costa Rica. For 1 year I have been going on the INTERNET looking for any new information about treatments for MS. I had pretty much come to the conclusion that my Neurologist was not in a position or did he have the time to do all the research because he was busy diagnosing and prescribing. I decided to be PRO ACTIVE with regard to finding new information each and everyday. At one point I was considering going to China for treatment with SCT. I backed out and changed my mind because of cost, distance, and that my wife would not be available to accompany me. My relentless search for new information lead me to discover a You Tube a video that featured a MS patient by the name of RICHARD HUMPHRIES who had treatment (SCT) at The Institute of Cellular Medicine in San Jose, Costa Rica. After seeing RICHARDS’s video and finding out how much success and promise ADULT STEM CELLS had, I started to investigate. Then on our local TV station, W.R.A.L featured an article about a local police officer named AJ Luedtke who had just been to The Institute of Cellular Medicine. I called him and the next day we had lunch and discussed his experience and the reduction of many of his MS symptoms. This was very encouraging to say the least! Speaking with the staff at the Institute of Cellular Medicine, exploring their web site, at CELLMEDICINE.COM and communicating via e-mail with many of their MS patients that had been for SCT felt commfortable with my discisson to go for a STEM CELL TRANSPLANT. We flew to C.R on the 1st of August and I spent 2 weeks in treatment. (Good stopping point)

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