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Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Great CCSVI Scandal of 2010

I want to take a look at the future. A time when citizens of Canada look back to 2010. A watershed year in the history of MS.

I’m 52 and I remember the Tainted Blood Scandal of the 80’s. A time when people turned a blind eye to a mounting body of evidence that the national blood supply was tainted. Innocent people got sick, and many died of mystery diseases that we now call Hepatitis and AIDS.

In so many ways the drive to have CCSVI recognized and treated is being met with shameful roadblocks and silence. Could we be going down the same path?

Please look at this Tainted Blood Timeline from the CBC article:

1974: First cases of what was then called non-A, non-B hepatitis (later identified as hepatitis C) to be transmitted through blood transfusions, are identified.

1985: Canadian Red Cross starts testing blood products for the AIDS virus.

1990: The Canadian Red Cross starts direct screening for the hepatitis C virus. But unscreened plasma in blood products still reaches some patients, possibly for as long as two years

1993: Order in Council authorizes the Commission of Inquiry on the Blood System in Canada. Ontario Court of Appeal Justice Horace Krever appointed as commissioner.

1995: Krever Commission warns the Canadian Red Cross, federal and provincial governments, pharmaceutical companies and individuals, that they may be named for wrongdoing in the tainted blood inquiry.

1998: RCMP concludes review process and launches criminal investigation into Canada's blood distribution system.

2006: Dr. Roger Perrault goes on trial in Toronto on charges of criminal negligence causing bodily harm and criminal nuisance endangering the public. The trial of the former medical head of the Canadian Red Cross is scheduled to last into 2007.

2006: Prime Minister Stephen Harper announces a $1 billion compensation package for 5,500 people who contracted hepatitis C before 1986.

CBC - Canada's tainted blood scandal: A timeline:

CBC - Tainted blood scandal:

To me the drive to have CCSVI recognized in 2010, is showing many parallels to the formative years of the Tainted Blood Scandal, so long ago.

At the end of 2009 many Neurologists just didn’t believe that people with MS would have blood flow problems, or CCSVI. On mass they said this was ridiculous, yet they never looked!

Month after month goes by and a vast majority of those tested around the globe now have documented cases of CCSVI. An estimated 1,400 people have had CCSVI testing done, more than 300 in Canada alone, and the evidence is building. Between 80% and 95% of those with clinically defined MS show CCSVI. The numbers tend to be higher, when Venography is used as an investigative tool.

Now in 2010 we are seeing people from around the globe get the Liberation Treatment. I would guess over 500-treatments have been performed, and an overwhelming majority show improvements. Some are subtle and some are more dramatic.

In 2010 I have not heard of a single case where anyone had an adverse reaction from the Liberation Angioplasty, and I cannot think of a single case where anyone got worse. Many times the Liberation Treatment is less than an hour. One person said the most painful part of their treatment, was taking off the sticky band-aid a few days later.

But just like the mid 80’s Blood Scandal, we are seeing Doctors, Government Officials, and respective governing bodies standing silent, or putting up roadblocks to those most in need.

Dr. Zamboni said time and time again, that the CCSVI Liberation Treatment should be offered immediately to those who are no longer responding to any known treatment, and who are facing certain permanent disability or death from this monster called MS. To do anything else is inhumane.

2010 is going to be a watershed year. Change is in the air, and a line is being drawn in the sand.

Unlike the mid 80’s we now have “social media” in many forms. Every keyboard click leaves a trail. Facebook and YouTube videos instantly inform, and TV signals continue to flow.

The roadblocks are being talked about. The real-time buzz is completely global. People who are in a position of power stand silent, and those who go out of their way to put up roadblocks, have left a permanent mark. An indelible record of their inhumanity.

The fight for the treatment of CCSVI is growing. It’s unstoppable now, because we are simply fighting for the right, a fundamental right, to have a blood flow problem treated.

The high-tech foundation of a CCSVI Treatment Scandal is forming. This time social media will be a strong enduring voice for those too weak to fight. It will shine light on the suffering of too many, who needlessly slip into the darkness of time. The timeline of shame has been archived on countless hard drives around the globe, for all to witness.

2.5 Million MS sufferers will soon see every MS patient in Kuwait Liberated. The mounting evidence in support of CCSVI treatment will be even stronger, and the justification to oppose this will be harder to justify. In fact it may become a Charter of Rights issue, because mounting evidence is being pushed aside.

Many years ago, Governments argued there was no test available to screen blood for the virus before 1986, so there was no way to protect the blood supply. Yet their inaction has cost over $1.1billion in compensation, because delays needlessly hurt Canadians.

With CCSVI we currently have tests right now. Those suffering from MS can be tested and treated today. To not do this now, will be the subject of both Federal and Provincial Inquiries. It’s just a matter of time. Regardless of legal liability, all Governments have a moral responsibility to Canadians.

I can see the media headlines now, where someone with MS dies needlessly in a hospital, when a quick minimally invasive treatment option sits idle, down the hospital hall. It’s just a matter of time. All because Vascular Surgeons and Interventional Radiologists have their hands tied, and roadblocks were put up, preventing them from doing what they are already trained to do.

Sadly this is happening right now from coast to coast, and there is no justification for this immoral inaction. 70,000 with MS in Canada are watching this unfold.

I predict that in a few years we will see history repeating, unless something is done now. We will see Federal and Provincial Inquires emerge, and they will all say that this must never happen again. Access to known and safe treatments must never be blocked.

Is this our dark future? Will this situation be turned around before we reach this tipping point?

Those who oppose CCSVI will look back to 2010 with great shame. Their day is coming when a vast majority in society will never forgive them for the needless suffering they have imposed. We will remember your names, your political agendas, and your bullshit arguments. Because you enabled roadblocks and denied precious hope and treatment from the very people who need it most...


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