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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Angela Spindler Here's what I sent if anyone wants to use it as a template:

Hello! I am hoping to help you help me and countless others. At this very moment MS patients are prepared to pay out of pocket for a run of the mill, minimal risk medical procedure we are being denied. Some are truly growing desperate.

Based on a theory that Multiple Sclerosis is ... See Morelinked to chronic cerebrospinal venous insufficiency, or CCSVI, a condition where blocked veins in the neck or chest prevent blood from draining properly from the brain, an Italian vascular doc has devised a treatment similar to angioplasty as a fix.

We speculate denial of this procedure may be due to the millions of dollars drug companies and MS societies might lose should our debilitating disease be snuffed out. Simply a venogram to find blockages, found most often in the jugulars and azygous veins, is done for an official diagnosis of CCSVI. Then with the very same catheter, balloons are inserted to remedy blocks or kinks as needed.

Will you offer this or similar procedures to diagnose and remove vein blockages?

After much evidence, experts in 47 countries voted to include CCSVI in the latest 'Consensus on Venous Malformations,' now published at: http://tinyurl.com/yh8qgq3 . Many studies on safety and CCSVI links to MS are now available, but the most compelling argument for proceeding is the overwhelming number of success stories. Some tell of immediate improvements of MS symptoms. While others report remaining MS free four years since treatment.

The overwhelming news spreading throughout the internet cannot be ignored. Vascular surgeons, neurologists and interventional radiologists who take the time to read the evidence are recognizing the truncular venous malformations as preceding MS lesions. Our worsening MS symptoms aside though, shouldn't blocked veins restricting flow from the brain be of the utmost importance?

Many of us have traveled to Poland, India, Bulgaria, Eygpt and beyond paying upwards of $10,000 per procedure. But as you have recognized on your website - so many in need remain stranded at home unable to travel so far by plane. Thanks in advance, Angela

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