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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Well the weekend is past and it is already mid-day on Tuesday the 20 th. of October. I am too old,time and life is flying by. Last night we studied : John 3-16 in our BSA fellowship. Over 450 men of all ages coming together to Study The Word. This is my first year and I really enjoy the group of 15 other men in our individual group. I get great calm and reduction of stress. This is great for my MS symptoms and my mental As I was visiting with one of the fellows in our group our conversation turned to golf and my health. When he told me that his adult daughter has MS it turned into a neat conversation as not only did I know her and her husband but had spent the weekend with them and two other MS couples that were guest of The Eastern Chapter of the MS Society. As I mentioned in a previous blog we were in Ashville, N.C. for aweekend retreat/ reward for fund rasing accomplishments for this (2009) MS Walk. It really shows how God controls all things. Jen and her husband were so much fun getting to know, by the way Jen and her team have raised over 100 thousand dollars in the last 3 years. GO JEN! Wish she was on our team, Get'er done. Really feeling good today and will head for the YMCA to ride the bike for 30 minutes. Rember to Remember and Attitude is Everything!! http://todaywithms.blogspot.com/ See you tomorrow. Roger

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