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Friday, October 16, 2009

The last few days have slipped by like hours. Over the weekend we spent 3 days in Ashville,N.C. as guest of The EASTERN CHAPTER OF THE NORTH CAROLINA MS SOCIETY. We enjoyed meeting new friends involved in fund raising for The MS Walk. The 4 couples together raised over ONE QUARTER of a MILLION Dollars in the last three years for THE EASTERN CHAPTER. That is a big number, a great effort of TEAM MEMBERS, and tremendous generosity from FRIENDS, FAMILY, AND THE BUSINESS COMMUNITY. Monday involved travel to The David H.Murdoch Science and Research Campus in Kannapolis,N.C. This is was created by David H. Murdoch with $185 million dollar commitment to research for disease, one of which is MS. Most of what I learned at the conference was that there is little or nothing going on with Adult Stem Cell research. All focus seemed to be with finding more Pharma therapies that aid in treating the disease rather then finding a cure. I was concerned and disappointed that Stem Cell Research was not on the top of the list. Well the new weekend is here and I hope that all of you have a great one. My new cells are starting to grow and I am feeling great, Remember to Remember and that ATTITUDE is what determines your ALTITUDE!! Best of Health, Roger

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Anonymous said...

Great to hear all the good news. Glad you are feeling well. The stem cell research will be the priority one day very soon. Keeping the faith is what it is all about.