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Monday, October 26, 2009

Flu shots or not?

I have a feeling about taking the regular flu shot as well as taking the H1N1 vaccine. It is a uneasy one, as I am not confident in what I am hearing from our government officials and the medical community as well as the MEDIA. I asked my Neuro at my exam the other day, he forgot to tell me what he thought because he was telling me why Big Pharma would not fund the trails on Adult Stem Cell Transplant because the money isn't there for them to get off of therapy drugs(already approved) and development of new versions of old therapies that can be patented, and become a blockbuster money making products that the medical community endorses and prescribes. once again, greed prevails and the patient gets the raw deal. Therapy, no cure but another bandage that treats symptoms but doesn't cure the disease. Someone told me the other day that the Medical and Scientific community has not CURED a disease since Jonas Salk discovered the CURE for Polio. That was back somewhere in the early 50's. If that is fact, it is amazing. Smell conspiricay? I will let you know what I decide on the flu shots. Any opinions would be welcome.

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