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Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Hubbard Foundation

USA: The Hubbard Foundation - CCSVI Treatment

The Hubbard Foundation has an IRB-approved study to test CCSVI and treat CCSVI. Those with positive results for CCSVI according to the Haacke Protocol with the Hubbard Foundation, are referred for catheter venoography and if positive for balloon venoplasty.

The Interventional Radiologists (IRs) are Justin Gooding MD, Donald Ponec MD, Richard Saxon MD,

The IRs work out of a private vein clinic in Del Mar, San Diego, CA called MIT Del Mar Vein Care. The MIT Del Mar staff prefers to answer all questions pertaining to CCSVI treatment and treatment fees.

To contact MIT Del Mar Vein Care go to: http://delmarveincare.com/contact.htm

The Hubbard Foundation is mainly a research facility. The primary form of contact is via e-mail: hubbardfoundation@gmail.com or Fax: (858)444-3599

To schedule CCSVI testing and treatment visit:

The Hubbard Foundation

10065 Old Grove Rd. Suite 103

San Diego, CA 92131

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