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Friday, May 20, 2011

Doctor Hubbard theory of MS

Dr. Hubbard's theory of MS
Dr. David Hubbard is a neurologist and founder of the Hubbard fMRI Institute and the Hubbard Foundation. He, and Dr. Jack Burks, were the only neurologists present at the recent CCSVI conference, although many neurologists were invited to attend. This was disappointing, to say the least. One would assume that neurologists would be interested in new research into the blood brain barrier and MS. The first thing to note is that the current theory of MS is still only a THEORY. There is absolutely no proof that rogue t-cells are what cause MS. This is an hypothesis. Dr. Hubbard began by discussing the current autoimmune theory. MS drugs, based on EAE and this theory, have a 30% efficacy rate...about the same as placebo. The reason MS drug trials have to be so large and involve so many participants is that it takes that many people to make any statistical significance. The MS drugs are not a success story. They do NOT prove the autoimmune hypothesis. Dr. Hubbard presented his very important insight into what he believes is causing the white matter lesions and destruction of myelin in the MS brain. It is very different than the current understanding that MS specialists propose with the EAE mouse model and the idea that myelin destruction is caused by an out of control immune system which is attacking itself. Oligodendrocytes are a type of brain cell which form the covering of our axons. They make up the myelin sheath. Dr. Hubbard cites research of Prineas and Barnett, showing that the oligodendrocytes DIE FIRST in MS. They are not dying because of an immune attack of white cells....they die BEFORE the immune system is ever involved. The ologodendrocyte shrinks and dies from the center of the cell. Only later do t-cells come in clean up. Macrophages also come in to clean up, this is a standard response of the body to tissue death. "White cells just don't go chomping on the blood brain barrier...they are invited in." So what is the "unknown factor" that is killing oligodendrocytes and inviting in white cells??? Dr. Hubbard proposes that this "unknown factor" is decreased perfusion, or slowed blood flow thru the brain. (Fans of the page will note that this has been the theory of Marie and myself, too, since the beginning of our journey.) Here's an earlier note on hypoperfusion and MS https://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=439394977210 The fMRI studies and Dr. Haacke's blood flow studies are confirming this theory. The thing about perfusion is that it affects both WHITE and GRAY matter. It is affects the ENTIRE BRAIN. MS is a disease of the entire brain....gray matter atrophy and white matter demylination. This theory is the first to address BOTH ASPECTS. White cells are picked up by the edges of the endothelium, roll along and then are invited thru the tight junction to get into the brain's paranchyma. MS is not a disease of an immune system gone awry. It is a disease where white blood cells are responding to injury, and are acting appropriately. CCSVI creates a slowed perfusion, or slow flow of blood in the brain. Decreased perfusion and reduced flow and stagnation in the vein causes a shunting of blood around the abnormal venule, the oligodendrocyte is not getting enough O2 and glucose. The oligodendorcyte dies. Please watch all of Dr. Hubbard's research and listen closely. I believe that this is the answer, and connects all we KNOW and all we can SEE about MS brains. http://www.youtube.com/user/HubbFound#p/u/39/Z1BP_xOQQlY I believe this is MS.... - I thank Dr. David Hubbard for bringing the pieces together as a neurologist. - I thank Marie Rhodes for bringing the pieces together as a medical writer. www.ccsvibook.com And I thank all the researchers who are ready to look at this new theory, take it further and begin the process of ENDING MS. For good. Joan
By: CCSVI in Multiple Sclerosis

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