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Monday, April 18, 2011

Gerry Armour
Don't you Dare

Don't you dare assume because I look well
That I feel well. Looks can be
very deceiving. Many days I look
great but I feel terrible.

Don't you dare ask me how I feel unless you
really want to know. You may hear
a lot more than you are prepared
to listen to.

Don't you dare to tell me you know how I feel.
No-one knows how anyone else feels.
Two people with the same disease may
feel totally different.

Don’t you dare tell me
“ It could be worse.”
Yes, it could be
But I don’t need to be reminded.

Don’t you dare to decide what I am capable of doing.
Allow ME to decide what activities I can do.
There may be times I make the wrong
Decision, and if I do I’ll know it soon

Don’t you dare to be upset that I
cannot ease my problems.It won’t do any
good for any of us to be

Don’t you dare to assume that because I
did a certain activity yesterday
that I can do it again today.
MS is ever changing.

Do realise that I am angry and
frustrated with this disease –

Gerry Armour

1 comment:

Mary K. Mennenga said...

Nicely done straight and to the point!Love it