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Friday, August 6, 2010

Take Your Drugs:

In the face of so many “independent” studies which show that the main MS drugs are of no benefit, and in some case actually make MS sufferers worse. Why are Neuros still pushing them? Why the hard sell?

My friend was just at his Neuro, and from the time he went in the clinic front door, the reception staff were doing their drug sales pitch. These people aren’t even Doctors, yet they are pushing drugs. Isn’t that illegal?

Immediately following this ambush, his Neuro starts pushing the drugs again, and starts to make him feel guilty, irresponsible, and stupid for not taking any of them.

The Neurological community is the first to ram the idea down our throats that CCSVI must have concrete independent studies. They need proof. They basically say that they can’t trust that Zamboni dude, since his petty research is all a hoax. It’s just junk science. It’s all garbage.

Well lets call a spade a spade shall we. Who has the “junk science” now?

The monsters at Big Pharma are acting like a bunch of criminals. What else can you call them?

Their self-fulfilling gold ribbon studies are a hoax. Their glossy sales pitch, is nothing but an unethical fraud. They are robbing patients and governments of billions of dollars, when clearly selling bottles of murky Lake Ontario water, would clearly offer more medical benefits.

So what is going on? Multiple independent studies verify what I’m saying. They all say that the level of disability was no different in groups of patients who took “the drugs” as compared to matched groups who took nothing. These were long-term studies, which looked at their level of disability.

If the Neuros, slick Drug Dealers, and the supportive MS Society are demanding they need proof that CCSVI Treatment offers any benefit, then they bloody well must halt their unrelenting drug promotion and support, and start holding the drugs up to the same ethical standards they demand of CCSVI. Anything less is not acceptable.

From around the globe, in 2010 we have seen nearly 2,000 MS sufferers receive a simple 45-minute angioplasty treatment. We are seeing benefits, that are clearly unmatched by any other known MS treatment. We have seen lives saved.

For many with advanced cases of MS there is no other treatment option available!

The Neurological community has completely failed the very patients they are sworn to help. That’s a fact. We see it unfolding right before our eyes now.

The book on MS has been rewritten by Dr. Paolo Zamboni. It's the most amazing thing ever.

Now it’s time for the Neurological community to pick up that book, and read it too.


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