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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Post Liberation Update

On Thursday the 27th. of May I had my "Liberation " in Albany,NY. I can tell you that after 3 angioplasty and a total time of 1 1/2 hr.'s and then a 2 hour wait flat on my back, I was up and on my way back to the hotel feeling better than I had in 4 years. I walked up the steps at the hospital,the way normal people do. No drop foot and walking without a cane or limp. That night we went out for dinner, still felt great and flew back to Raleigh on a 6 AM flight, walked through the RDU airport, still no drop foot, limp or cane. Got home and had to show off by lifting my legs in a marching gait and then up and down the stairs,then I decided that I would vacume the den. Well, that's when I think I over did it. The rest of the day(Friday) my symptoms were back and stayed that way until Tuesday, June 1st. I started to feel better with the ability to again walk without the drop foot and improvement in many of the other pain in the ass MS symptoms. My IRVS thinks it may be possible that the angioplsty veins may have re-stenoised,(collapsed) and we will see how I do over the next week or so and if necessary I will go back and be stented. Today I feel half way. Hope to get a Video posted soon.


wannabeatms said...

how are you doing now? I am also scheduled for Albany in the next couple of months. Any thoughts on doing anything differently?

Anonymous said...

I have to ask...when the veins are collapsed, what are the side effects of that. My fiance wants to do this and I don't feel comfortable with it because there was a death (even if it was due to a brain hemmorhage, shouldn't the doctors have seen that in the MRIs BEFORE making her take the coumadin?) and the other guy had the wrong sized stents put in him and had to have emergancy open heart surger because of it. Your veins collapsed. So I just want to know what to look forward to when Leon gets this done because I'm a little worried about this procedure and if it might kill him or not.