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Monday, May 24, 2010

My Liberation Treatment

I will be heading off Wednesday to get ready for my Liberation treatment. I have the procedure at 7 am on Thursday. The last time I was scheduled for the treatment the hospitals' legal department shut down the doctor who was gointg to do the procedure 1 hour before I was to be treated. This time I am very hopeful and excited that this will be done as scheduled. I am going to post a video of me and a list of my symptoms before and the effects and results of my Liberation treatment. Of course I am hopeful that the balance, numbness, cold feet, pain everywhere all the time, vision, bladder problems, fatiuge, heat intolerance,weakness right side, brain fog will respond once the blood flow is corrected. Once I have the procedure I will post updates as to the improvements in my symptoms and condition. Also I will let others know the contact information for the Doctor who is doing my treatment, this of course will be through e-mail and not posted openly. All prayers will and are appreciated.

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