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Thursday, April 1, 2010

What is really going on with TheMS Societies?

Ginger, congrats on the procedure and also I join you in your feelings towards the MS Societies around the world,especial the Canadian and U.S. Societies. They are in bed with the FDA, big pharma and the Neurological community. They need to be exposed in the media.They should be ashamed of their conduct and behavior. Remember there are those who have and suffer from MS and those who live off of MS. The U.S. MS Society paid JOYCE NELSON,THEIR C.E.O $445,000 plus benefits last year. Is that a little much, or what? Over the 3 years my Walk Team has raised over $85,000 for the Eastern Chapter of North Carolina MS Society. This year because of the Nationals attitude I refuse to be any part of the Walk campaign.Why is it always more trials or a new drug that cost 3 grand per month? I will tell you why, THE FDA AND BIG PHARMA ARE IN BED WITH THE MS SOCIETIES. IS IT NOT ODD THAT THE SCIENTIFIC AND MEDICAL COMMUNITIES HAVE NOT CURED A DISEASE SINCE 1950 WHEN JONAS SALK CURED POLIO? I HAVE BEEN PISSED FOR THE LAST YEAR. Looking forward to your next blog. Be well, Roger Cawiezell

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