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Saturday, February 13, 2010

MS hides, inside of me,
Invisible to the naked eye.
I can feel the MonSter
Trying to make me cry.

It’s a part of me, it’s true.
That, I cannot forget.
It rears it’s ugly head
And some days are filled with regret.

There are some bad days
You’ll hear me complain.
But if it consumes me,
Then what will I gain?

I am still “Me”,
The pers...on you’ve known.
Even though inside
The disease has grown.

I won’t allow it
To take over me.
To steal my laughter,
My smile or faith in “HE”.

I choose to laugh
About my life.
To handle it with grace
Dignity and less strife.

So laugh with me, smile with me
But please remember this:
There is rarely a moment
That MS does not exist.

But through it all, the highs & lows,
I have my family & friends.
Remember I’m still “Me”.
I will not let MS be my end!

BY: Tammy Caramagno Malkowski

1 comment:

Tom Bailey said...

You have a great attitude and a very positive spirit... it is very inspiring.

Best regards,
Tom Bailey