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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

This is an opinion from someone who has benefited from the CCSVI procedure!

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I've had the liberation procedure, I'd do it again in a heartbeat, I've had no relapses since experiencing it, and don't really care what the National Pharmaceutical Society has to say about it, since they have no problem with pushing unproven toxic drugs in my veins at 30k a year. While I appreciate the absolute LACK of answers in the post below for what it is, "just repeating the byline", the fact remains that there is ample scientific study so far to conclude that we should be looking at this very closely. Angioplasty is a relatively safe procedure, with NO adverse effects experienced by the participants. Considering that the ONLY people who relapsed, were the once experiencing re-stenosis of the treated veins, which were then brought OUT of relapse and into remission by being retreated, well why not ask them if they think "there's no evidence"? By the way, even though the NMSS chickens have no interest at the moment of weaning from the pharmaceutical teat, the MS Association had no problem with presenting the current state of research, which is improving and moving along rapidly. The previous poster would do well to check it out a bit more thoroughly than a very old, scripted, dry and "safe" statement the NMSS issued months ago.

Nobody but the patient him/herself can answer the question about risks, it's the doctors job to present the pros/cons and the patient decides what their risk tolerance is. I weighed a life of progressing disabilty, augmented by bankrupting drug avenues that provide little hope, or a relatively benign and simple procedure, not without risks, but neither is liposuction, and made my choice. Since the NMSS invested their entire $ budget into pharmaceuticals to combat your immune system, and no one is getting any better, well perhaps they were looking in the wrong place.

I weighed, I took the risk, I now reap the benefits 24 hours a day 7 days a week and have NO regrets. My life improves daily. Put that in an official press release.

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