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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Jeff Shepard Just a thought, but if water becomes stagnant and developes bacteria and parasites, then improper blood flow to the brain, I would think, cause an immune response predicated on circumstance.

For example, if you have a virus and are down for the count, how many ended up in a relapse. I have everytime. Is this caused by the inability to keep the blood flowing properly out of the brain which may increased the iron? Viruses like iron.

In fact viruses are attracted to iron. Iron is needed for viruses to replicate effectively. Viruses cause an immune response and inflamation causes disability. This site, in 2000 stipulates the needs for iron as babies but is doubled edge sword when were adults with coorlation with multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s. Having known that then, why is it now that we delay the trials for CCSVI?... See More

I believe the medical community is right about autoimmunity BUT, Dr Zamboni's discovery is the key to reduce this autoimmunity effect in MS.

I totally believe CCSVI is resolute with autoimmunity in the development of MS, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's. The industry is going to try to diffuse any credibility of Dr Zamboni's findings. They have much money and jobs to lose.

The thing that bothers me is that I understand these things, I'm sure the industry understands as well, but they have a fiduciary responsibility to their stock holders, being most people with 401k. (Fiduciary: An individual, corporation or association holding assets for another party, often with the legal authority and duty to make decisions regarding financial matters on behalf of the other party. ref: http://www.investorwords.com/1932/fiduciary.html)

Biogen profit up 23% as Avonex, Rituxan sell well.

Teva Reports Second Quarter 2008 Results.

Bayer 2008 revenue rises, profit plunges.

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