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Thursday, October 15, 2009

More on SCT

10/15/2009 Did the video but have not got it posted yet, have to get a friend to show me one more time how to load it to You Tube. I’m technically challenged, but stay in denial. The PHYSICAL THEREPY at the hospital was FIRST CLASS in all respect. The therapists were very specialized in dealing with MS patients. While I was in treatment I received PT 7 times at an hour each time. Totally wiped out after each session. The Doctors suggested that we exercise when we returned to our homes to encourage the NEW CELLS to start growing. The two weeks that I spent at the ICM went by quickly and when we got home on Sunday night it was like I was now starting a new journey. I have been home for 6 weeks and the report on my health (SYMPTOMS) is that I’m confused because some days the SYMPTOMS are mild and then on other days when I do too much and get very tired my SYPMTOMS seem to flare up and my balance really goes to HELL! It is very frustrating when friends tell me how good I look and I know how bad I might be feeling that particular day. My weight has gone from a too heavy 246 lb’s. Down to 192 lb’s. In the last year so there is something very positive. Anyone need 42 and 40 dress slacks like new and also men’s’ golf shorts new? Give me a call 349-9525, just come and pick them up.
October 1, 2009 Went to my chiropractor this morning, had acupuncture, tens, and an adjustment on my spine. I have 3 active lesions at my C2, C5, 6. So the adjustment really felt like it was of great benefit. Feeling good and Attitude is GREAT!! PROACTIVE, going again tomorrow. Don’t let things like the bullsh-t we have to deal with get you down, you still can control your THOUGHTS? Make them GOOD THOUGHTS and when it seems impossible, and then call out to your Savior, Jesus for strength. I Talked with Richard Humphries on Monday and he said he is feeling good and that he talked to Holly Huber. Holly has many videos posted on You Tube about her SCT at ICM in Costa Rica. Holly received her first SCT in November of 2008. Now she is back for a new dose of ADULT STEM CELLS. I will be trying to touch base with her next week. You can see her on Face Book or You Tube. If you have MS or some one you are close to, it is very informative. Here is an article that will be helpful on gaining a resource for information if you are not familiar with social networking.

What is Facebook? It is a social networking website that was created to connect people. After signing up for Facebook, which is free, individuals make a profile page, begin to connect with others ("friends"), exchange messages, join groups, and play games. Today, there are over 300 million active Facebook users.
Facebook: The Power of Social Media
Living Well with MS

With the dawn of the digital age, our means of connecting with others have changed dramatically. Today, digital mediums--especially online communities--have changed the way many of us think of communication and the act of connecting with others.
For people with MS, online communities, such as Facebook, are proving to be incredible connecting tools. This has certainly been the case for Sandi St. Clair-Vargo who, after joining Facebook, began to discover a global network of support.
"Meeting other people with MS has been amazing...there are 100 plus people I've met from all over the world through Facebook," Sandi said. She describes these people, who she only knows digitally, as "kindred spirits," because they know what she is going through.
"All these people reassure you," Sandi said. "We're all going through the same thing."
Sandi has connected with many of these "kindred spirits" through MS-specific groups--of which there are more than 500. Each group offers something different, and runs the gamut from "Fight Multiple Sclerosis" to "Tysabri: As long as my body tolerates it, I'm not scared of PML!" The groups are key in connecting people with MS, despite geographical distance.
Have you seen the Rocky Mountain MS Center on Facebook page yet?

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